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Max Braun

Transport Management and Logistics Consultant

As part of the consulting brief I had with a major multi-national dairy group, there was a need to develop and implement an in-house driver training programme for several hundred drivers located at numerous distribution facilities across South Africa. After consultation with the relevant education and training authorities, I turned to TLN to guide the choice of standards that would meet the requirements for the accreditation of professional drivers. This included the production of all the training material and the training of assessors and moderators. The almost year-long project culminated in a highly successful pilot programme with 62 drivers being presented with their certificates. Throughout this project I was impressed with the thorough and meticulous way in which TLN went about ensuring each and every aspect of the complicated and responsible nature of the professional driver’s job was interrogated and presented. This enabled the drivers to gain a proper understanding of all aspects of their duties, and a better understanding of the drivers’ job for the employers. I would not hesitate to engage the services of TLN again as I know they explore the essence of the task to ensure the learners and employers achieve their respective objectives.

Azhard Kuvar

Site Controller at Tastic Durban

It was an absolute pleasure being part of a Programme with TLN. I have had many years of work experience and carried out many different Roles and functions at various Companies but it was the same for all the years. Be the Boss and get the work done, no matter how.

Since attending the MDP course, so much have changed. I have realised that there is more to about just getting the job done as it is also about how we achieved it. It is not about oneself but about teamwork, how we handle different people, adapting to the changes in the industry and the new upcoming generation which is much of a different way to the old days of doing things. I find myself actually enjoying working with the younger generation as I have learnt how to interact and gather the values and inputs they come with. I can proudly say that we are now a TEAM.

On the Homefront it is now a different level of tolerance. I have learnt to deal with my teenage daughters and identify with them. There is communication levels that we have reached without making each other feel any less than the other. I now lead as an example rather than practise the ‘Father says it all and the kids would just listen’. It is of that essence that we add value to each other’s lives and it is so much fun.

I really have learnt a lot to be a person and not just being an individual that that gets the work done on his own terms but believe entirely in TEAMWORK and Emotional Intelligence.

Thank you TLN.

Nozipho Mkhize

Organisational Development Manager at Hulamin

TLN is a highly responsive and professional organisation that offers HR solutions. If you have an idea that you want to implement but do not know how to articulate it - get in touch with TLN. They will interpret your idea for you.

Hannes Ludik

Learner on our MDP course

It was a great learning experience and I have learnt a lot. The course was well structured and the presentation was great. The course has equipped me with the necessary tools to run a successful department.

Ajay Kevaldutt

Learner on our MDP course

A very professional analysis of the materials that I have submitted in my POE. It is good to know that so much attention to detail was given during the actual assessment process. Excellent!

Levona Slitzer

Learner on our MDP course

I learned a lot during the MDP course and it helped me a lot in my current position. I was promoted because of the skills and knowledge I obtained during the course. It was at times challenging to get my assignments done, but it paid off.

Ahmed Paruk

Learner on: Imperial Holdings Automotive Retail Motor MDP 2015 - MasterCars Manager (Lindsay Saker Johannesburg)

This last year and a bit has been amazing with TLN, from meeting Brian and Johann on day one and then the interaction with all the support staff right up until the end has been nothing short of brilliant. You guys have a superb team and the work ethic and dedication is phenomenal.

My true appreciation to you guys I cannot completely convey in words. Not only has this course helped me in my daily work but has also taught me a few valuable life lessons. Lessons I will carry forward with me always. Thank you for the support and the belief in my abilities.

Liesl Nell

HRD Manager (Arnot Colliery, Witbank)

The training media provided by TLN was the best that I have encountered in the industry. The feedback received from candidates at Arnot was very positive. They thoroughly enjoyed the facilitator, the way that the content was presented and the unique and creative methodology followed during the course. Group and individual work was encouraged during the post course work.

This enabled the candidates to share knowledge and ideas and ultimately present completed portfolios of a very high standard. TLN was always available to support these candidates with any queries and provide additional assistance when it was required. Their post course support was exceptional, which was a unique experience since most other Training Providers loose interest once the course is completed. The feedback received on the submitted portfolios was extensive and of such a nature that candidates were able to zone in on the gaps in their portfolios where necessary.

Overall, an excellent standard of training provided, with professional service and post course friendships built.

Eddie Thessen

Child Care Practitioner (National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers)

This has been the best training experience I have had, I think it is a combination of the user friendly material and the ability and the experience of the trainer. Her presentation was clear and she made the training interesting. As a trainer myself, I aspire to what I experienced with TLN.

Darren van den Berg

National Training Manager (Bar Support Services - Sun International)

When we launched NQ’s for our entry level staff in 2003, we used TLN to train. TLN were more than willing to change the training methodologies to suit our environment and the target population and ensure that all outcomes were successfully achieved. The submission of project work, and issuing of results was a seamless task and the support and follow up was always encouraging.

Tim Wigham

HOD Sports Management Faculty (ETA - Exercise Teachers’ Academy)
Director (The Cape Leadership Company)

I have only the highest regard for TLN after the experience I have had with them. In 3 words, I would describe my experience with TLN as ‘pure learning pleasure’!

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